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Train,Learn, and Have Fun

Our state of the art Virtual Shooting Simulator offers the best in Firearms Training, Learning New Skills, or just having a fun shoot. We offer over 100 Targets, Scenarios, and courses to fit your needs. Revolvers, Semi Auto Handguns, and Rifles. All guns are gas powered and react just as a real gun would. Come join us in a climate controlled environment while saving your ammunition supply.

1 hour is $35.00 which includes one full can of gas(Approximately  400 shots) each additional can is $15.00

Call us to book your Virtual Shooting experience: 9789933337

Shooting Simulator
Steel Dueling Tree. Compete against your friends. See who is the fastest gun. First one that gets all target on their opponents side wins.
Call us at 9789933337 to book a shoot out.
Shooting Simulator
Old Fashion Bottle Shoot. Watch the glass fly as you shoot your way to another round.
Feeling good about your shooting try Timed moving bottles.
Call us at 9789933337 to book a shoot
Shooting Simulator
Time for some practice. We have over 20 different Paper Target patterns to choose from. Develop your skills with these then move on to skill shoots such as Hogans Alley
Call us at 9789933337 to book a shot
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